Project Description

Wendell Steavenson

Wendell Steavenson is a writer and journalist. She spent much of her
professional life in the Caucasus and the Middle East, living at various
times in Moscow, Tbilisi, Nagorno Karabakh, Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus,
Beirut, Cairo and Jerusalem, reporting on wars and revolutions for, The Guardian, FT, Granta and The New Yorker Magazine.
She has published three non-fiction books, about Georgia, Iraq and the
Egyptian revolution and one novel, Paris Metro. For the past several
years she has lived in France, writing fiction and about food and how it
illustrates the larger issues of the day  from the environment to
migration and identity. She lived in Tbilisi for two years between
1998-2001 and wrote her first book, Stories I Stole there, a
collection of stories about people and places and moments in Georgia in
the post-Soviet years when there was little electricity and the economy
was flat lined. She has continued to revisit Georgia, reporting, writing
and seeing friends. When asked, she always says it is her favourite
place in the world.

Sunday 28 February –14.45 – 15.30